We offer a range of Pop up furniture rental solutions for hire daily, weekly or monthly.

All of our furniture have been approved by all the major Shopping Centres with material and Height restrictions. 

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80cm(H) x 1.3m(L) x 60cm(W) Usable display surface is 1.2m (L) Front can come with or without the ‘Pop up finds’ signage. The back as 2 slide doors to easy access to stock.

Product shelf

1.4m (H) x 1m (L) x 40cm (W) You can face to the front to use all shelf space or turn it around to use bottom 2 shelves for storage. Planks are removable to create larger sections

Furniture Covers

You will be able to store your products and items inside the furniture. Each piece of furniture has a cover that goes over it for overnight storage. Please provide your own lock to lock up the cover if you wish to do so. We do not provide locks.

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